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Standard Bracket Models


  • Models are available for 4"-5"-6" square poles, 3"-4"-5"-6" round or octagonal poles, and walls.
  • Other sizes and customized configurations can be built to order.
  • (not all models shown...other models in stock)


  • Single sets mount one banner on one side of a pole.
  • Single sets for metal or composite poles = 2 Arm Assemblies + 2 Baseplates
  • Single sets for wooden poles or walls = 2 Arm Assemblies
  • Double sets mount two banners on opposite sides of a pole.
  • Double sets = 4 Arm Assemblies
  • All nuts, bolts, washers and cable ties (plus extras) are included.
  • Installation tools required = 1/2" combination wrench, snipper


  • Standard pole banner brackets with 1" x 1" x 32" arms which fit banners up to 30" wide and 15 sq. ft. in area.
  • If a shorter arm is required on a model in our inventory, we will trim the arm to your specified length.


  • Wall mounted brackets are available for banners up to 15 square feet.
  • Our standard model has a 6" x 6" square base plate and a 1" square x 32" arm.
  • We trim arms to shorter custom lengths.


  • Brackets for square poles are available in three sizes...4", 5" and 6".
  • Brackets for round and octagonal poles are available in four sizes...3", 4", 5", and  6".
  • Any bracket model can be used to mount on wooden poles or walls. Simply rotate the base plate 90-degrees.


  • Our standard arm assemblies for 4", 5" and 6" square poles become rigid sign holders with the addition of a two-part channel welded to the arm.
  • Securely mounts 1/4" sign material. Maximum sign width = 24"
  • Brackets for 4" & 5" square poles IN STOCK. Other sizes built to order only.


  • Our standard baseplates are mated with a decorative arm for hanging flower baskets. 
  • Arm is 16" long and supports 25 pounds.
  • Build to order only.

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